Terms & Conditions:

Terms and conditions may be updated at any time, and the terms and conditions listed under Ordering on the website will be considered the most current and up-to-date version. Failure to abide by these terms & conditions may cause your account to require prepayment before orders can be placed.



Online orders are available at the store on the listed delivery date. If no date is listed, you will be contacted by phone when the order arrives. You are obligated to purchase and retrieve it on or within five days (three days if produce) of the listed delivery date. A late fee of $5 per day will be applied each day after the Pickup Deadline.

Delays sometimes occur, especially in inclement weather, and we will post a notice on our social media & website if shipments will be delayed longer than 24 hours. Sometimes items are unavailable due to vendor issues, including out-of-stock, mis-shipment, etc. If possible, an explanation for undelivered items will be provided on your order page and/or on the physical invoice. Unavailable items will not automatically be reordered; you must place an order for that item again.

Online orders can be paid upon pick-up in the store using: Cash, check, credit card and EBT (if applicable). The prices listed are as accurate as possible but are sometimes subject to change due to catalog updates or vendor price changes after an order is placed. A $3 per order fee is applied to any online order placed by in-store by Breadroot staff for you.



The special ordering program allows our co-op members to order cases of product directly from our distributor at a deep discount. Wholesale warehouses are busy and large places, and product cases keep product safe from that environment. It is completely normal to receive cases that come with a layer of dust, visible footprints, stains and/or dents. It is also normal for product to arrive in a box that has been opened and repackaged. Your special order may show up in this condition. As long as the condition is such that we would deem the product itself fit for sale in the co-op when removed from the case, you will be expected to pick it up and pay for it. If this will be an issue, please do not place an order.

However, any product that arrives that is not fit for resale due to expiration or obvious damage to the product itself (not just the case) is eligible for a refund. Any products that are damaged or that have expired need to be reported to the store by the pick-up deadline. A refund for damaged or expired products can only be issued if returned within the pick-up window.

Products from the UNFI warehouse are guaranteed to have at least a 30-day date (from the day of delivery) for grocery and frozen items, and at least a 7-day date (from delivery) for cooler items. Items dated at least 30 days out (grocery, frozen) and at least 7 days out (cooler) are not eligible for a refund because we cannot get a refund from our warehouse for them. Most items arrive with an excellent date range, but some do not. Please consider this if you will be ordering highly perishable products.

If the item you ordered arrived but you no longer wish to buy it, please inform us by the pickup deadline. A 15% vendor return fee is due upon surrender of your order. If the pick-up deadline has passed, you will not be able to return the item. Perishable items, including fresh meat and produce, cannot be returned.

Breadroot Cooperative reserves the right to return to vendor any order that has not been purchased within the pick-up window and apply the 15% return fee to your account.


Account Access:

Click on your name on the top of the screen to access previous order information.



Vendors noted with an * have shipping charges that are not included in the list price. A estimate of the shipping cost per item is listed on the top of the vendor's specific page.



The prices listed are the pre-tax prices. Prices on your invoice may change based on shipping, product type, seasonality, or other reasons.